A Trusted Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

In today’s world, nothing is more critical for a business’s success than its online presence. Local Digital Agency is the division of Boone/Carpenter Newsmedia solely focused on delivering innovative digital solutions nationwide. The goal at Local Digital is to increase your website traffic and improve your overall online reputation — bringing new opportunities to your brick-and-mortar with a single click.


No matter your industry or marketing goals, our team is motivated by seeing you succeed. We provide proven, ahead-of-the-curve strategies customized to your company’s interests. With a stronger web presence comes increased revenue; as you grow, your Local Digital Team will keep a constant eye on your progress and deliver solutions tailored to your business’s current and future needs.


What Makes Us Different?

Deep Data

Customer data is a business’s most valuable asset if used properly. At Local Digital, we have helped our clients effectively use their customer data to increase sales and customer retention consistently.

Advanced Marketing Strategy

We are not a cookie-cutter agency. Our marketing strategy is specifically catered to your business goals and needs.

Campaign Management

Although we use tools to help onboard a new customer, your dedicated team manually makes adjustments and changes as needed using the most advanced AI tools in the industry.