Social Media Marketing

As a paid social media agency, we leverage paid social ads to build awareness for your services, encourage customers to engage with your brand, and drive qualified traffic to your site. Advertising options on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & other social media platforms have transformed the manner in which customers interact with your business.

With Local Digital, you will receive a comprehensive social media marketing package customized to meet your business’ long term and immediate needs. Our Social Media Packages are built to complement our SEO and search engine marketing services. Our Social Media Coordinators will work with you to create a personalized plan that not only enhances your online reputation but helps you create and maintain a relationship with your past, present, and future client base.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

We deliver relevant ads to in-market customers. That means whether your customers are looking for cars, couches, or plumbing they will find you.


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a business-centered social platform that enables users to connect and promote their business or skills used in business.


Get More from an Integrated Digital Strategy

Digital marketing success starts with the right team. Local Digital delivers results by creating customized reviews and a review response strategy that is informed by proven best practices. Our SEO, social, and campaign professionals deliver coordinated expertise aligned with your digital strategy. By integrating these services, you save time and money, which is captured with advanced reporting tools that provide confidence in your investment.


Prioritize Your Ratings & Reviews

Increase traffic, leads, and sales opportunities by building a steady stream of positive customer reviews for your business. Reviews have become a primary research tool for consumers looking for a place to do business, and it takes time, technology, and expertise to realize the benefits of this resource. Invest in the right digital marketing partner to turn your reviews into a viable marketing tool, increase local SEO, and build a solid reputation.

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Social Media Management

Social and Community Management

Build engaging, relevant content for your social community. Local Digital Social Management ensures that your brand is engaging your local community and attracting fans across major social media channels. Campaigns align with your overall digital strategy and brand guidelines. Messaging, community involvement, sponsorships, and events showcasing your charitable efforts are all invaluable social content opportunities. By partnering with our social marketing experts, your business will stay top-of-mind for a growing fan base that craves relevant and organic social content.

Customer Interaction

Social media improves customer interaction by presenting products and services and also allowing customer feedback. Different types of users will provide varied comments and reviews, which helps identify areas of improvement and increases customer satisfaction.

Focus on Consumers

The primary purpose of social media is to engage users. As a social platform makes adjustments to cater to more businesses users move to other platforms. Social advertising enables businesses to engage customers in their personal interests.

Be Responsive

Customer’s on social platforms can have a very positive but also very negative impact on a business. This transition can happen very quickly and advertisers need to be cautious. Responsive businesses can leverage customer feedback to their advantage.

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