Targeted Display & Retargeting

Display Advertising Is Targeted Advertising

One of the most recognizable forms of digital advertising is display advertising. When you see different ads while you are browsing the internet, it is most likely a display ad placed by Google. These are often tailored to specific interests from your browsing history.

You can promote your brand in the same way and be seen on the Google Display Network or by using programmatic advertising to use multiple DSPs. Beautiful display advertising draws in your ideal customers and gets them to click through to your page.

Use Display Advertising to Draw People to Your Content

Whether you are trying to get more leads, increase sales, generate more product awareness, or promote your brand, using display ads will help you reach these goals and connect with customers. Your display ad should represent your business and make your potential customers want to learn more about your product or service.

Reach shoppers across the most relevant networks.

Promote your products and services by delivering cost-efficient, effective, and attractive digital ads to potential buyers wherever they browse online, influencing their decisions throughout their path to purchase. Plus, reach in-market shoppers browsing relevant research sites.

At Local Digital we don’t waste your money on people who are not likely to engage with your products or services. Our audience segmentation strategies allow us to target your ads to inactive customers and non-customers who are actively searching for your product or service.

Target the right shopper with the right message.

Our Real-time Bidding platform harnesses the industry’s richest consumer data set, delivering you optimal ad relevance and maximum return on investment. This technology analyzes prior ad performance, page engagement, and browsing trends in real-time to ensure your ads are served to the most relevant shoppers in your market.

Retarget shoppers who visit your website.

Retargeting turns digital “be-backs” into customers, delivering relevant offers to your prospects after they leave your site. Each ad reflects your pricing, specials, and photos, keeping each customer connected to your business and the products and services they were interested in.

Enjoy the benefits of strong ad design.

Our optimized ads and ad types ensure uniformity of your brand to consumers on all devices. From dynamic inventory ads to those that feature incentives and your branding, to ads that reflect regional or national offers, our display ad creative is designed to extend your brand and your business to all corners of the web.

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Harness the power of geofencing technology to start targeting your marketing campaigns and getting more customers into your business

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing works by using a combination of technologies like cellular data, GPS, and Wi-Fi to determine the exact location of your targeted customer.

Who Uses Geofencing?

Geofencing is not only used by retailers looking to drive traffic into their locations. Businesses like Amazon use them for their drones. Uber uses geofencing to maintain perimeters at airports and other locations. Honeywell uses it as well to know when no one is home and it can reduce energy usage.

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing offers some of the most targeted marketing campaigns for your business since it capitalizes off users’ physical locations. In fact, over half of the customers who received a location-based notification ended up visiting the business that sent it. Ads with geofencing lead to more than double the click-through rate. 71% of customers indicate that they prefer personalized ads, making mobile ads with geofencing particularly effective.

Common actions that can trigger a geofencing ad prompt include:

  • Push notifications on users’ mobile devices;
  • Relevant mobile social media ads;
  • Text messages or alerts to grab customer attention
  • Geofencing also allows you to access location-based consumer data that can help you determine how customers interact with your business.



Social media is a goldmine for businesses looking to get a message out to potential customers. Location-based filters and public stories are key ways businesses can encourage customers to share promotional content when they are physically near the business.


Ads are most effective when they are reaching a target audience. Geofencing allows you to target your ads to nearby customers who are then more likely to walk into your store or check out your business if they view a relevant ad. You can push promotional, location-based ads on the web or social media to advertise to the most likely customers.


When you’re in a big crowd at an event, geofencing can help get messages quickly out to everyone in attendance. Geofencing is a handy way to reach everybody in a crowd automatically.

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